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Why PwC Legal

We have broad legal and commercial expertise
And wide experience of industry sectors

We provide complex legal services combining local and international teams of experts

We understand operation of middle size and big enterprises and offer practical solution

We cooperate closely with experts from different fields and specialists from PwC network

Our network enables us to support client from idea to the implementation

We enable complex project management and we coordinate all stakeholders

As a true one-stop-shop, we not only provide assistance with the legal aspects of your business but also, thanks to being a part of the global PwC consultancy network, we are able to utilize the skills of other PwC experts. The global network comprising the PwC law firms gives our clients the advantage of utilizing services of standardized quality provided by 3600 lawyers in more than 100 countries worldwide by contacting a single site in the Czech Republic.

Petr Kincl

Local Partner, PwC Legal Czech Republic

Our services

PwC Legal team

Our team, led by partners Petr Kincl and Petr Syrovátko, is ready to help you with any legal challenge. See our team members who are ready to represent you in a wide range of industries and areas of the law.

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Petr Kincl

Petr Kincl

Managing Partner, PwC Legal

Tel: +420 734 182 727

Olga Kaizar

Olga Kaizar

Associate Partner, PwC Legal

Tel: +420 602 344 681

Petr Syrovátko

Petr Syrovátko

Associate Partner, PwC Legal

Tel: +420 730 130 919

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